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Guatemala SHB

Our Guatemala SHB is a real treat, medium roast with sweet, green apple and chocolate notes. This coffee has a citrus and floral aroma with a bright acidity. A coffee geeks dream! Very suitable for any type of pour-over brewing. SCA score: 82.5

Brazil Cerrado

Our Brazil Cerrado is roasted slightly darker than medium. It has notes of dark chocolate, nuts and white sugar with a low acidity and a nice creamy body. Perfect for cortado and flat white. SCA score: 80

AM2PM Blend

The AM2PM Blend is a blend specifically created for those 25 hour days. This blend consists of 80% arabica and 20% robusta. Robusta has a higher caffeine content than arabica and this is where the name of the blend originated from. This blend should give you the kick you need to operate at peak performance from the morning to the evening!

Ethiopia Sidamo

Ethiopia is widely regarded as the birthplace of coffee. This Grade 2 Sidamo has a floral, fruity aroma and some apricot flavour. It has a citric acidity and a very clean tea-like finish, a coffee lovers ideal cup! We suggest brewing this coffee using your pour over brewers like Chemex or V60, it's also a very nice coffee to play around with in your Aeropress.

Newborn Blend

The Newborn Blend is our house blend and is specifically created for espresso based drinks and has beautiful hints of cocoa and chocolate. Our little trade secret of what goes into this blend! It's a perfect medium bodied coffee. It's in our hopper ALL the time in the roastery, so give us a call to swing by and have a taste for yourself!